Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of.  The St. Louis Blues are the Stanley Cup Champions and I don’t recall being this happy with a Stanley Cup outcome.  I’ve spent the past couple of days soaking in all the videos, articles and content of the Blues celebration.  I want to provide some post game thoughts and observations before I share my top reasons why I’m happy ecstatic the Blues won the Stanley Cup.

As I previously stated my biggest concern for the Blues going into game 7 was Binnington, and let me tell you something that 25-year-old rookie looked dialed in from the players introductions.  He kept his team in the game early and made save after save, each better than the last. The Bruins had 12 shots on goal while the Blues registered 4… thankfully half of those shots resulted in goals for the visiting team.

There was a moment in the first period when I realized the Blues were going to win and it came with 10 seconds left in the period.  Jayden Schwartz flew past Brad Marchand into the offensive zone with Alex Pietrangelo not too far behind.  It looked like Marchand attempted to hit Schwartz (missed) and then he, along with his line mates, headed towards the bench.  Now, I’m not a coach but that was a horrendous line change.   We later found out that exact mistake led to the game-winning goal… wonder what Bruce Cassidy’s thoughts are on that.

The second period provided 17 more shots on goal but no goals.  At this point TD Garden became eerily quiet (well for a game 7) and the Blues looked calm and comfortable.  The third period was total Blues domination.  The Bruins had a hard time getting past the neutral zone and St. Louis added 2 more goals making the score 4-0.

The Bruins did eventually score at the 17:50 mark of the 3rd period and fans (well the ones who stayed to this point) did get their moment to cheer.  Honestly as I am writing this I still need to know what kind of fan John Krasinski is and if he in fact stayed to the end of the game.  If someone can get me that information – it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, it really warmed my heart to see the Blues celebrate their first team and individual Stanley Cup win.  I’ve been saying for weeks I wanted to see Alex Pietrangelo raise the cup and it felt so good to see that moment come to fruition.

Now for my top reasons why I’m happy the Blues won game 7

*Honorable Mention*

Seeing John Krasinski’s video at TD garden where he references Jenna Fischer but ends up sitting next to David Denman aka Roy from The Office.  The fictional Halpert rivalry during the series simply made twitter a happier place.

3. A win for the St. Louis Blues & the NHL

A ton of people watched this series, especially on the night of June 12th.  Just about nine million nationwide tuned in for game 7 this year. The Blues/Bruins match up also provided the most watched finals in 6 years and “the most watched non-Chicago Finals ever.”  I had to look up the top markets for game 7 and thanks to wnypapers.com I discovered that Buffalo was the 4th highest market for game 7…anyone else recall the O’Reilly connection?  I’ve seen reports saying that 500,000 to 1.5 million fans attended the parade on Saturday (keep in mind St. Louis has an estimated population of 2.8 million).   This was a win for the NHL.  I love that so many people tuned in especially when the Blues are considered a “small market team”

2. A better underdog story than Dodgeball

I know I’ve talked about this a million times so I’ll keep it short.  The St. Louis Blues were dead last in January and Stanley Cup Champions in June. Their Stanley Cup run gave fans everywhere hope that just because your team is in the bottom half of the league at the halfway mark it doesn’t mean your team is out.  Besides Boston fans (and maybe some disgruntled San Jose fans) the majority of hockey enthusiasts were rooting for the underdog and boy did the Blues deliver a hell of a story this season.  I’m going to be bold and say this Stanley Cup run was better than Vegas last year… that’s right I said it.

1. Laila Anderson

Laila Anderson is an inspiration.  I don’t care what your preferred team colors are every hockey fan was rooting for Laila during game 7.  Every video that the Blues shared of Laila and her mom left me in tears.  To see how she embraced that team and how in return they embraced her was beautiful to watch. I think I’ve watched the clip of her lifting the Stanley Cup with Colton Parayko a thousand times.  Laila has brought so much happiness and joy to the celebrations and seeing her at the parade was the perfect ending to the season.