First of all if you’re not following Jillian Fisher (@FisherJillian) on Twitter and IG… you’re missing out.  She posts hilarious hockey videos and recently she uploaded one making bold predictions combining two things I value in life… hockey and wine.  Seriously, I need to catch a Flyers/Devils match up with this girl. I thought it would be fun to make my own ridiculous predictions because…well…it’s not like anything else is currently going on.  Thanks for the inspo Jillian!

The Arizona Coyotes will make the Stanley Cup Playoffs

I have to believe things are about to change in Arizona.  The Coyotes will make an appearance (and most likely first round exit) in the playoffs.  The Phil Kessel trade created a much needed buzz in Glendale and it is time for the Coyotes to step it up…especially when you consider they are no longer the only team in the desert.


Ben Bishop of the Dallas Stars will be the number one goaltender this season

Ben Bishop ended last season with the highest save percentage in the league and was a Vezina Trophy Finalist.  The Dallas Stars are a much better team now than they were in April and I think Bishop will lead the way for them this season earning himself some hardware in June.


The Pittsburgh Penguins will trade away one of their franchise players 

Clearly the Penguins are not trading Sidney Crosby any time soon and I’m not saying they will.  However, I am thinking Malkin’s time may be coming to an end.  If the price is right Jim Rutherford would take the opportunity to get additional pieces while Malkin still has trade value.


The Florida Panthers will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals

Coach Quenneville will lead this sometime forgotten team back to glory.  The last time the Florida Panthers qualified for the post season was in 2015-2016 where they lost in the first round to the New York Islanders.  I’m going to be extremely bold and say that the Panthers will be a better team than Tampa.


Jack Hughes will not win the Calder Trophy

The Devils went all in this offseason.  Ray Shero and co. selected Jack Hughes with their first overall pick in the NHL draft.  As a New Jersey fan this offseason has me extremely stoked for October however, I’m still realistic.  I’ll assume Hughes will end up on the second line and while I’m hoping for a McDavid 2.0 I don’t think Hughes will win Rookie of the Year.  Please Jack… prove me wrong.


The Colorado Avalanche will make it to the Stanley Cup Final

Why the hell not?  If the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup after their rollercoaster of a season I would say no team can ever be really out of it.  It’s time for Nathan Mackinnon and his team to go for it, and they low-key have had a great offseason.  They aren’t a bad team and I think how the Blues won will give teams like Colorado a whole new level of motivation.


John Tortorella will be fired in the first half of the season

I feel like this is the most realistic prediction.  John Tortorella is known for making a big impression on teams his first year(s) as their head coach.  It took him four seasons as the Tampa Bay Lightning coach before winning the Stanley Cup.  He then coached the New York Rangers for five years with his best year again being four seasons in.  I don’t even want to mention the Vancouver experiment because that was a hot mess.  Now he is coach of Columbus Blue Jackets with his most successful season playing out last year in his fourth season.  Unless something drastic happens Tortorella will be starting this season with a pretty difficult lineup.  I predict he will lose his job by December…warranted or not.


The Edmonton Oilers will make the playoffs

They have to make the playoffs at some point, right?  Back in May the Oilers named Dave Tippett as head coach.  This is the third head coach Connor McDavid has played for.  Edmonton added forwards James Neal, Markus Granlund, and goaltender Mike Smith.  I have to believe that we will see McDavid competing in the post season and that time is now.


Four Canadian teams will make the Stanley Cup Playoffs

I am calling it.  The Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers will all be post season bound.  I really think the time is coming that the Stanley Cup will be back in Canada.  Obviously the Maple Leafs have the best chance but you know I love a good underdog story… yeah I’m looking at your Edmonton.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming NHL season?  The bolder the better.