One night while laying under a heated blanket sippin’ some tea I decided to go on my NHL app and review the final scores from all the NHL games played in October.  After a quick glance I noticed there are a ton of teams scoring five, six, seven and in one instance eight goals.  I had to further investigate because my initial question was exactly how many teams have scored 5+ goals in a single game in the first month of the NHL season.  I did my best Nancy Drew impression and below are my findings.

October brought children a ton of candy and hockey fans a ton of goals.  Teams are scoring left and right and when you check out the score sheet it does not look like teams have a lot of rust to shake off from the offseason… can you say Boston Bruins?

Eight different teams have scored seven goals in a game this season.   Pittsburgh has done it four times (talk about impressive) while Tampa scored seven on two separate occasions – unfortunately one was against my beloved Devils (insert crying emoji).

Impressive Starts

Vancouver has been killing it so far!  The Canucks scored eight goals against the LA Kings back on October 9th in their third game of the season.  In the month of October the Canucks scored 47 goals.  Both Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser were top 20 in the league for points.   As I write this Vancouver sits 2nd in the Pacific Division with 20 points.   This has to be an exciting time to be a Vancouver fan… Seriously though we all know Ryan Reynolds is off somewhere celebrating these victories.

Moving to the East the Pittsburgh Penguins offensive dominance seems hard to ignore (believe me I have tried).  They have scored 46 goals throughout the first month of the season and won eight out of 13 games.  No Penguins player has completed a hat trick and their victories really are the result of a team effort.  If you’ve been following along you know I don’t give the Penguins that much credit but scoring seven goals on back-to-back nights AND on both on the road… come on now.

One is the Loneliest Number

When my research began I wanted to see how many teams have scored at least five goals in a single game in the first month of the season.  I was surprised to see 30 teams have done so successfully.  The only team that has yet to do so is the Columbus Blue Jackets… anyone surprised?  Columbus averaged two goals a game in October.   They won five games out of 12 and I think it’s safe to say Tortorella has his work cut out for him.  Cam Atkinson has three goals, Gustav Nyquist has two goals and star defenseman Seth Jones has one goal and six assists.  Do you think my prediction of John Tortorella losing his job by December will come true?  I still do.

October is always a great month because it brings us the best sport in the world.  The month gets even sweeter when the players are scoring hat tricks and teams are racking up 6 and 7 goals.  Which teams impressed you the most so far? Sound off below!