Favorite Hockey Podcasts

Whether I am commuting to work, walking Milo or working out I constantly have a podcast playing in my ear.  My favorites are you guessed it, revolved around hockey.  There are so many great options out there and they each bring a unique opinion to the sport.  While I rotate more than the below three on my phone these are my constants.

Did you really expect this one to not make the list?  The Dr. Hockey Podcast really opened my eyes to podcasts in general and that fact that I’ve made appearances on the show makes it one of my faves.  No matter what the topic is Dr. Jay Calvert is always upbeat and you hear it in his voice he loves hockey and truly enjoys talking about the game.  Co-host Jason Berkley is a die hard Red Wings fan and you have to appreciate his loyalty (and hatred for the Pittsburgh Penguins).

Anything Jackie Redmond touches turns to gold.. plain and simple #GirlCrush.  This season she began hosting the Puck Culture podcast and it’s amazing.  Each episode she has a different co-host (Mike Rupp, Scott Hartnell, Ryan Callahan).  They incorporate pop culture into the podcast and where else can you find Vanderpump Rules colliding with the NHL?

This is such a guilty pleasure!  I love that Ida and Julie provide a truly unique perspective to an NHL organization and the real life of NHL families.  They take you behind the curtain and talk about so many different aspect of the hockey life.

When you look at a wife or girlfriend of an NHL player most see the designer clothes, luxury cars and beautiful homes.  All of those are true and come with the territory.  However, most of the time they are living the life of a single mother who’s juggling their children’s schedule, celebrating birthdays alone and leaving their family for a sport and business that is filled with uncertainty.

Both of these ladies do an excellent job showing the highs and lows of being married to the game and it’s really interesting to hear their opinions on the trade deadline, playoffs and offseason.